Fire Hose and Accessories

Our fire hoses are high-pressure hoses that are designed to carry water and other fire extinguishing agents. They can attach to fire engines, hydrants, and directly to plumbing systems. After use, fire hoses are usually hung to dry to prevent material deterioration.
Our hose accessories help with quick installation and quick removal.

    1. SII Approval Fire Hose

      Liner: PVC Liner
      Working Pressure: 15Bar
      Brust pressure: 45Bar
      With Aluminum Storz Couplings

    1. Fire Hose (UL FM Approved)

      The single jacket EPDM lined fire hose has excellent properties of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is used for a variety of different purposes including firefighting.

    1. Selectable Gallonage Fire Nozzle

      Valve Close: Push the handle forward
      Valve Open: Pull the handle backward
      Flow rate adjust: Twist the flow adjust ring to obtain required flow rate
      SS-FOG Pattern: Twist the rubber bumper

    1. Double Jacket NBR Lined Fire Hose

      Light weight; construction tightness
      Corrosion resistance; ageing resistance
      Weather resistance; Mildew resistance
      UV resistance and long serving life

    1. Fire Hose Nozzle / Branch Pipe /Couplings

      Diffuser branch pipe has full flow injection mode or adjustable injection mode. And the mode can be selected from close position.
      Fog nozzle is made of aluminium alloy. The nozzle adopts adjustable annular hole to adjust the flow rate. You can choose jet or spray by rotating the rubber sleeve that covers the nozzle.