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    1. LPCB Fire Hose Reel

      We offer both fixed manual or swinging manual fire hose reels plus accessories (hoses, cabinets and hose guides). All of our hose products are CE certified and are suitable for use in any location where a large volume of water will be able to put out a fire. Fire hose reels are compact in design with minimum protrusion to avoid getting in the way. They are designed to hold reel tubing of up to 30 meters in length.

    1. Waterflow Detector

      All switches actuate when the water flow rate is 10 gallons per minute or greater, but will not actuate if the flow rate is less than 4 gallons per minute.

    1. Air Release Valve

      When not allowing water flow, vertical pipes that connect the dry riser system are filled with air. This air release valve drains the sprinkler system of some but not all air in order to allow proper flow. Without the air release, a vacuum would be created and it could cause damage to the system.

    1. Fire Hose Couplings

      The fire hose coupling is an important part of the fire hose as it allows the hose to connect with hydrants, standpipes, landing valves, and other equipment

    1. Coupling Adaptor

      This is the coupling adaptor for conversion to BS Standard and America Standard.Or female to male, double male ,double female,.etc

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