Selectable Gallonage Fire Nozzle

Application Hall

Pattern Identification
Hard Anodized Aluminum labels,Laser Engraved
Simple to operate (1/4 turn from straight stream to fog)
Raised lug marks straight stream for limited visibility operations
Easy to service & repair
Compatible with Quick Attach Foam Tube

Weight(excl. coupling) 1.6 kg
Material Body,aluminum
Valve ABS
Handle ABS
Bumper rubber
Work Pressure 87PSI (6 bar)
Max. Pressure 360PSI (25bar)
Max. fog angle 120°
Throw range 40m @ 6bar
Flow range 115 L/S@6bar, 230 L/S@6bar, 360 L/S@6bar, 475 L/S@6bar
Inlet size 1.5"(40mm)
Coupling Storz / NH / BSP /Russian type etc.

Valve Close: Push the handle forward
Valve Open: Pull the handle backward
Flow rate adjust: Twist the flow adjust ring to obtain required flow rate
SS-FOG Pattern: Twist the rubber bumper

Performance Chart

Product readme
Iron Man slectable Gallonage Nozzle can according to the requirements of different markets,offer the different hose couplling,and asemble with the fire hose.

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