Fire Hose Nozzle / Branch Pipe

Diffuser branch pipe has full flow injection mode or adjustable injection mode. And the mode can be selected from close position.

Size Inlet Outlet Specification
DN50 G 2" 9mm Aluminum alloy coupling with Plastic body
CM Stroz-C 9mm Aluminum alloy coupling and body
DN65 BS336 12.5mm Aluminum alloy coupling and body with water curtain(>180 Degree)

Hose Couplings
As standard hoses are normally equipped with light alloy aluminum male and female BS336 coupling. Other couplings to customers requirement on request. Brass option.

Size Head Tail
1-1/2" BS336 38mm
1-3/4" BS336 45mm
2" BS336 51mm
2-1/2" BS336 63.5mm
2-3/4" BS336 75mm

Fog nozzle is made of aluminium alloy. The nozzle adopts adjustable annular hole to adjust the flow rate. You can choose jet or spray by rotating the rubber sleeve that covers the nozzle.

Size H(mm) W(mm) Inlet Outlet
DN65 170 86 BS336 20mm
DN65 170 86 BS336 25mm
Different Couplings and Nozzle for choose
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