Breeching Inlet

The breeching inlet can only be used in dry riser systems. The inlet connection is installed at the entrance of fire building, while the outlet connection is installed at a special spot.
It meets the standard of BS 5041 Part-3:1975, and the inlet meets the standard of BS 336: 1989, including drain valve and check valve whose rated pressure is PN16.

Size H(mm) W(mm) D(mm) Connections
DN100 225 300 100 2*BS336
DN100 225 300 100 2*2.5''BSP
DN150 215 330 150 4*BS336
DN150 215 330 150 4*2.5''BSP

Standard Certificate to BS 5041-3 Approve by BSI
Body Ductile Cast iron
Drain valve 1" gate valve BS 5154
Non – return Test 1.7 bar
Inlet Copper alloy to male instantaneous coupling with NRV to BS 336
Outlet 4" flange for 2-way,6" flange for 4-way
Blank cap Plastics or Rubber
Surface Red or yellow painting
Test pressure 30 bar
Working pressure 20 bar

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