Sprinkler System Equipment

Our Sprinkler System Equipment consists of an automatic sprinkler system, which includes a deluge system and a pre-act system. This system is a comprehensive collection of equipment that includes a variety of our other high quality fire safety equipment.
This fire equipment complies with BS or NFPA standards.
FM approved and UL listed.

    1. UL Listed Fire Sprinkler

      UL listed fire sprinkler are the key components of automatic extinguishing systems as they detect fire and immediately act to put the fire out using a spray of water. Sprinkler systems are found in a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings as well as some residential structures.

    1. UL Listed Concealed Sprinkler

      UL listed concealed sprinkler act in the same manner as regular fire suppression systems with the fire detection and extinguishing function, but these are designed to be hidden from plain sight. They are designed for spaces that do not want to interfere with clearance levels or aesthetic appeal.

    1. Flexible Sprinkler Hose / Drop

      Application: Commercial Suspended Ceilings
      Rated Working Pressure:14.9kg/cm2 (200psi)
      Test Pressure: 56.2kg/ cm2 (800psi)
      Maximum Ambient Temperature: 135℃(275℉)

    1. Wet Alarm Check Valve

      Alarm Check Valves are divided seat ring, rubber faced clapper, check type water-flow alarm valves which are intended for use in wet pipe (automatic sprinkler) fire protection systems. They are designed to automatically actuate electrically ...

    1. Lever Deluge Valve

      Lever Deluge Alarm Valves are used as "automatic water control valves" in deluge, pre-action, and special types of fire protection systems such as foam water and double interlock. The Valves also provide for actuation of fire alarms upon system operation.

    1. Water Motor Gong

      Our water motor gong is an alarm that goes off when the fire protection system goes active. The water flowing through the sprinkler system trips the alarm which produces an audible alarm for the safety of the occupants.

    1. Sprinkler Escutcheons

      Form:single plate or double plate
      Size: NPT 1/2" or NPT 3/4“
      Finished: Chrome or White painting
      Material: Stainless Steel

    1. Sprinkler Cabinet

      Material: Steel
      Red Painting
      6pcs, 12pcs, 24pcs are available
      Sprinkler type can and cabinet size upon request

    1. Test and Drain Valve

      Components: A tamper resistant test orifice, integral tamper resistant sight glasses, a tapped and plugged port for system access, and a steel identification plate.
      Test Orifice Size: Nominal as required by NFPA 13