Waterflow Detector

This waterflow detector can measure the amount of water filled pipes within sprinkler systems. This ensures that the fire protection system does not accumulate delays and they reset if the flow of water stops before the entire delay has passed. All switches actuate when water flow is 10 gallons per minute or greater, but will not actuate if the flow is less than 4.

Contact Rating:10A@125/250 VAC;2.5A@24VDC
Triggering Threshold Bandwidth(Flow Rate): 4 to 10 GPM
Static Pressure Rating: See models listed below
Dimensions, Installed:3.5 inH X3.0 inW X6.7 inD
Operating Temperature Range:32℉to120℉(0℃to49℃)
Compatible Pipe: Steel water pipe, Schedule 10 through 40
Shipping Weight: 4 to7LB(According to size)
Certificate: UL Listed and FM Approval

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