UL FM Ductile Iron Grooved Fittings and Couplings

The main advantage of these UL FM Grooved Fittings is that they can be installed in the field after cutting the pipe to length, which is significantly more convenient compared to traditional flanged connections, which must be welded.

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Technical Equipment
    1. Rigid Coupling

      Pipe O.D mm: 33.7
      Working Pressure PSI: 300
      Bolt Size: 2-M10*45

    1. Flexible Coupling

      Pipe O.D mm: 42.4
      Working Pressure PSI: 300
      Dimensions mm: 2-M10*45

    1. Flexible Reducing Coupling

      Reducing flexible coupling is design with flat-pad,to crate flexibility of the pipeline in both axial and angular direction,by keeping a certain gap between the housing key and pipe groove.

    1. Equal Tee

      Nominal Size mm/in: 1 1/4
      Working Pressure PSI: 300
      Standard Radius: 57L(mm)

    1. Reducing Tee

      Reducing tee means the branch and the other two ends are different diameters.

    1. Mechanical Tee

      The mechanical tee with a grooved fitting provides direct connection at any location where a hole can be cut in the pipe.

    1. Concentric Reducer

      Concentric reducer means the two ends of the fitting is different.
      UL listed and FM approved pressure rate 300Psi.
      Material: ductile iron
      Size can be choose according to the request.

    1. Flange Adaptor

      Pipe O.D mm: 60.3
      Working Pressure PSI: 300
      Dimensions mm: 65 L(mm)

    1. Cross

      Nominal Size(mm/in): 1 1/4