Outdoor Fire Hydrant

Our line of fire hydrants are designed for outdoor installation so that the water supply is easily accessible to firefighting crews. The hydrants connect to municipal water supply networks and can be tapped into using a fire hose and the proper firefighting equipment.

    1. Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

      Working temperature: 0-60 Degree
      FM Approved&UL Listed
      Epoxy Coated on red
      One pumper nozzle 4"/4 1/2" with two hose nozzles 2 1/2"

    1. 2 Way Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant

      Outdoor fire hydrant is a water supply facility connected with fire-fighting system network outside building. It is used to supply water for fire engines from municipal water supply network or outdoor water network. It can also be connected to nozzles to prevent fire.

    1. Underground Hydrant

      The seal of two positions of the main axle adopts ring sealing (O ring) which can work normally no matter the valve is in a state of pressure or completely off.

    1. Fire Standpipe

      Stand pipe is a simple outdoor fire hydrant to used with underground fire hydrant. Normally they have one head or two heads. The head can with valves.