Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

Comply with AWWA C502
Working pressure:250PSi
Working temperature: 0-60 Degree
FM Approved&UL Listed
Inlet: Flanged(PN16 or ANSI)
Epoxy Coated on red
One pumper nozzle 4"/4 1/2" with two hose nozzles 2 1/2"

Part Specification Part Specification Part Specification
1.Hydrant Body ASTM A536 16.Barrel ASTM A536 31.Hex Nuts ASTM A574
2.Seal-ring ASTM B584 17.Breakable Flange ASTM A126B 32.Screw ASTM A574
3.O-ring EPDM 18.Bolts ASTM A574 33.Stop Nut 45#
4.Scrwed Plug ASTM B584 19.Coupling ASTM A536 34.Hydrant Bonnet ASTM A536
5.Main Valve Flange ASTM A536 20.Pin Axes SS304 35.Oil Cup
6.O-ring EPDM 21.Pin SS304 36.O-ring EPDM
7.Valve Seat ASTM B584 22.Drainpipe ASTM A536 37.O-ring EPDM
8.Barrel Gasket EPDM 23.Up Stem ASTM A574M 38.Bush ASTM B16-H02
9.Pin Axes SS304 24.Link
39.Dustproof Ring EPDM
10.Lower Flange ASTM A536 25.Big Nozzle Cap ASTM A536 40.Stem Nut ASTM B584
11.Lock Ring SS304 26.Big Sealed Gasket EPDM 41.Pin Axes SS304
12.Hex Nuts ASTM A574 27.Big Outlet ASTM B584 42.O-ring EPDM
13.Stud Bolts ASTM A574 28.O-ring EPDM 43.Small Outlet ASTM B584
14.Wedge ASTM A536 With EPDM 29.O-ring EPDM 44.Small Sealed Gasket EPDM
15.Lower Stem ASTM A574M 30.Stem SS410 Small Nozzle Cap ASTM A536
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