UL FM Pipe Hanger

UL FM Pipe Hanger are designed to transfer the load from the pipe to the supporting structure. The hanger supports the weight of the pipe and valve components as well as their contents. These support components are suitable for absorbing shock and can withstand temperature fluctuations without worry.

    1. Beam Clamp

      Size Range: 3/8'' and 1/2" or M10 and M12
      Material: Ductile iron,hardened steel cup point set screw and locknut
      Finsh:Black or Galvanized

    1. Swivel Ring Hanger

      Size Range: 1/2" up to 8"
      Material: Carbon steel
      Finish: Galvanized,other finish available upon request

    1. Clevis Hanger

      Size Range: 1/2" through 24"
      Material: Carbon steel
      Finish: Galvanized
      Service:Non-insulated stationary pipe line

    1. Cup Nut Pipe Loop

      Size range:1" up tp 8"
      Material: Carbon steel
      Service: Automatic sprinkler system