UL FM Indicator Post

The UL FM Indicator Post is designed for use with NRS gate valves
FM Approved&UL Listed
Two types can be choose: Wall type post and Adjustable upright post
Other sizes are available upon request.
Material: ductile iron

Part Specification Part Specification
1.Hexagon Bolt ASTM A105 18.Bonnet ASTM A536
2.Washer ASTM A105 19.Circlip 65Mn
3.Hexagon Nut ASTM A105 20.Head Screw ASTM A105
4.Seat ASTM A536 21.Hexagon Bolt ASTM A105
5.Wrench Socket ASTM A536 22.Big Washer ASTM A105
6.Cotter Pin ASTM A105 23.Operating Nut ASTM C61400
7.Hexagon bolt ASTM A105 24.T Bolt ASTM A105
8.Hexagon Nut ASTM A105 25.Square Nut ASTM A105
9.Operating Bar ASTM A105 26.Cover Board PMMA
10.Barrel ASTM A536 27.Gasket Silicon Rubber
11.Wrench ASTM A536 28.Plug KT30-16
12.Special U-Bolt ASTM A105 29.Head Screw ASTM A276
13.Slotted Pan ASTM A105 30.Washer ASTM A105
14.Hexagon nut ASTM A105 31.Stand Pipe ASTM A536
15.Shut Plate ZL 101

16.Open Plate ZL 101

17.Loading Bogie ASTM A126B

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