Foam Sprinkler System

Foam sprinkler fire-fighting systems are designed to extinguish fire with various classes of complexity. They us foam as the main fire extinguishing agent. Typically, these systems are installed at rifinung stations, flammable substances warehouses.

    1. Foam Generator

      Working pressure range(Mpa): 0.3~0.6
      Flow rated(L/S): 4,8,16,24
      Foam multipe: >5
      25% dialyzing time(s): >120

    1. Foam Sprinkler

      Reted working pressure(Mpa): 0.4
      Pressure range(Mpa):0.3~0.6
      Rated flow(L/S): 0.9,1.1,1.4
      25% dialyzing time(s): >120

    1. Foam Cart

      This product is a kind of portable foam extinguishing equipment,which applies to fire for ClassA,B,and C water insoluble liquid.When using it,connect fire hose interface with fire hydrant interface.

    1. Fluoroprotein Firefighting Foam

      Fluoroprotein firefighting foam is produced by adding proper amount of fluorocarbon surfactant into protein foam extinguishing agent. It can be used as protein foam extinguishing agent because of the action of active agents.

Our company offers complete foam fire-fighting systems as well as accessories for them, such as foam sprinklers, trucks, foam generators, etc.