Other Fire Fighting Equipment

Here you will find our additional firefighting equipment that may or may not be found in common firehouses or fire protection facilities.

    1. Fire Blanket

      Fire blankets are ideal for smothering small fires. They are commonly found in laboratory and kitchen environments. Our fire blankets are flame retardant and manufactured according to CE and EN standards. They come with a case that can be mounted on the wall.

    1. Stand Alone Smoke Detector

      This type of smoke detector is battery operated and is specially designed for residential and institutional installation. The loud alarm is a great way to warn occupants of a growing fire.

    1. Fireman Suit

      Fireman suit - a multi-layered set of special protective clothing, consisting of jacket and trousers (bib overalls). It is intended for protection from dangerous and harmful factors, which are arising during firefighting or rescue operations.

    1. Hand Operated Alarm Bell

      The hand operated alarm bell is an old design but one that is extremely important. The alarm requires no electricity and it can create a loud noise to alert others.