Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are ideal for smothering small fires. They are commonly found in laboratory and kitchen environments. Our fire blankets are flame retardant and manufactured according to CE and EN standards. They come with a case that can be mounted on the wall.

Fire blankets can also be used along with dry powder fire extinguishers or wet chemical extinguishers for increased fire safety.

◆ Gram Weight: 340 - 480 g/m2
◆ Thickness: 0.25 - 0.43mm
◆ Temperature Resistance: 280 - 550 Degree
◆ Silica gel: Upon to the request
◆ Size: 1.1m - 1.8*1.8m
◆ Packing: PVC BOX
◆ Certificate: TUV EN1869: 1997
◆ Outer Packing: Sturdy and durable carton for export

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