Fluoroprotein Firefighting Foam

Product description
Fluoroprotein firefighting foam is produced by adding proper amount of fluorocarbon surfactant into protein foam extinguishing agent. It can be used as protein foam extinguishing agent because of the action of active agents. The mixing ratio is 3% FP: 97% water. It can be widely used in preventing fire of oil fields, oil depots, petrochemical enterprises, ships, airports and other large oil enterprises.

Technical parameters
1. Mixing ratio is 3%FP:3% FP: 97% water.
2. Pour point:General type≤-5℃ cold resistant type≤-12.5℃〜-25℃

Packaging, transportation and storage requirements
1. Single package: 150 or 200 kg steel drums or plastic drums.
2. Avoid mixing with chemicals or other foam extinguishing agents during transportation and storage.
3. The fluoroprotein firefighting foam should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated room, with a room temperature between -5℃〜49℃. The shelf life is 2 years.
4. We can provide both cold resistant and seawater resistant extinguishing agent.

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