Wheeled ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

The wheeled dry powder fire extinguisher uses 40% ABC extinguishing agent and they are the perfect fire protection units for warehouses and other large industrial site. These powder extinguishers are 25-50kg and are on wheels for easy mobility.

CE Approved brass valve
Steel or Stainless Steel Cylinder
EN3 Approved Pressure Gauge
Quality Rubber Hose With High Performance Nozzles
100% Helium Leak Detected
Production under ISO9001 quality system
Standard: EN1866
Stainless Steel Cylinder Available
Discharge nozzle designed to produce a jet of extinguishing gas for fast fire suppression

Product Code TFB500
Capacity 50Kg
Fire Rating 55A-IIIB-C
Working pressure(bar) 14Bar
Cylinder Structure Rolling-welded
Discharge Time 50s
Temperature range(℃ ) +5℃ ~60 ℃
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