Premier ABC Powder 6Kg Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher

1 This 6Kg portable dry powder fire extinguisher has premier fire rating of 55A / 233B / C.
2 The extinguisher is certified by CE, BSI, MPA EN3 and MED.
3 We provide a 5 year guarantee period.

Extinguisher Type 6 Kg Powder 6 Kg Powder
Model No. PDA 60 PRA 60
Capacity 6 Kg 6 Kg
Fire Rating 55A 233B C 55A 233B C
Cylinder Structure Deep-drawn Rolling-welded
Operating Pressure 14 Bar 14 Bar
Discharge Time 17 S 17 S
Temperature Range -30℃~60℃ -30℃~60℃

Product description
IRON MAN 6kg Powder fire extinguisher is the highest ratings(55A/233B/C) in the world.
Currently on the market 6kg powder fire extinguisher Class A can only be 27A, Class B can only be 183B. Even some good company's 12Kg dry powder fire extinguishers, Their Class A rating can also only be 43A. But our 6kg power fire extinguisher can achieve 55A, That is to say our fire extinguisher performance can be equivalent to 2 nos 6 kg powder fire extinguishers, but our price is not the total price of 2 nos fire extinguishers on the market, while a single fire extinguisher can use to reduce the space, in the event of the initial fire, it can more efficient to extinguishing the fire.

Reliable quality
  • Deep drawn machines
  • Welding machines
  • Multi-functional force testing
  • Automatic water pressure testing
  • X-Ray detecting macine

Excellent certification
CE Certificate from APRAGAZ(Belgium)
Kitemark from BSI(UK)
EN3 from MPA(Germany)

Superior performance-Class A Fire rating 55A
IRON MAN 6KG powder fire extinguisher and Normal 6kg 6KG powder fire extinguisher

Competitive price-Our price less then the 2 times of normal fire extignuisher

Save you money and choose IRON MAN(IMSECUR)
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