Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges (UL Listed)

IM01 series of Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges (UL Listed)

The Bourdon tube pressure gauges are suitable for all kinds of media that will not destroy the original pressure system or corrode the copper alloy parts.

1 Certification: UL listed
2 Size: 4“(100mm)
3 Accuracy grades: ±3/2/3%(ASME B40.100 B level)
4 Range: 0-300Psi(Water and air)
5 Working temperature
Air temperature: -40°F~140°F(-40°C~60°C)
Medium temperature: Highest to 140°F(+ 60°C)
Temperature error: initial temperature is 68°F(20°C), each rise or decrease by 18°F(10°C), additional error is + 0.4%
6 Bourdon tube: brass
7 Connection size: brass 1/4“NPT
8 Built-in spring: copper alloy
9 Dial: white aluminum stop pin
10 Indicator: black aluminum
11 Case: carbon steel or stainless steel
12 Cover: polycarbonate

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