Water Flow Detector (UL FM Approved)

Water Flow Detector

Product description
Water flow detector is installed on the water filling pipe in water spraying system. The pipe thickness can be sch10 to sch40, the pipe size can be 50mm to 200mm(2" to 8"). The water flow in the pipe will deflect the paddle. Then the switch of water flow detector will be turned on after the specified delay time under normal conditions.
1 If the flow stops before delay time, the delay will be reset.
2 If the water flow is more than 10 gallon/min, all the switches will be turned on.
3 If the water flow is less than 4 gallon/min, the switches will not be turned on.


Product features
1 This water flow detector is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor, so its temperature range can be 0°C to 49°C.
2 It is equipped with anti-demolition screw to prevent unauthorized entry.
3 It has time-delay function to prevent the risk of false alarm caused by change of flow pressure or air pressure.

Technical parameters
1 Contact capacity: 8A @ 250 VAC;3A @ 24VDC; 2.5A@30VDC
2 Flow sensitivity range: 4 to 10 GPM(15-38LPM)
3 Working pressure: 450PSI
4 Working temperature: 0℃〜49℃
5 Corrosion resistance: both the inner and outer layers are painted with epoxy coating.

Size (mm)
Size DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125 DN150 DN200
L 84 92 104 133 160 187 239
H 190 200 220 245 270 300 350
Nominal Pipe OD. 60.3 73 88.9 114.3 141.3 168.3 219.1
Pipe Wall Thickness 2.77-3.91 3.05-5.16 3.05-5.49 3.05-6.02 3.04-6.55 3.40-7.11 3.76-8.18
Material Specifications
No. Part Name Material
1 Saddle DI,A536 65-45-12
2 Holder SS304+EPDM
3 Plate Aluminum Alloy
4 Cover Aluminum Alloy
5 Paddle Plastic
6 Micro switch Plastic
7 Gasket EPDM
8 Retarding device Plastic
9 Terminal Box Plastic

Delay adjustment
You can set the delay time by turning the adjusting knob from 0 to maximum.
Turn the adjusting knob clockwise to increase the delay and turn counterclockwise to minimize the delay. The delay time should be the minimum required when a false alarm occurs.

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