EN3 Portable Water Fire Extinguisher

EN3 Portable water fire extinguishers offer protection against class A fires that typically involve common combustible materials such as wood, paper, straw, textiles, and soft furnishings. Water extinguishers are not to be used on live electrical equipment. These extinguishers use pure water as an extinguishing agent and they are suitable for use in a wide range of environments such as offices, factories and warehouses.

Portable and compact design
Simple operation and maintenance
Ready for instant use
Exceptionally effective on class A fires
Cylinder made of special steel to withstand high pressures
Cylinders are 100% factory tested to 30 bar
Nickel plated brass valve with reliability and long life
Precision built mechanical pressure gauges
Rugged PVC pick up tube enables smooth flow of the agent
Electrostatic powder painting after shot blasting ensures maximum corrosion resistance
Internally coated with Polyolefin & thermosetting polymer powder using whirl sintering process

Product Code WDA60/WDB60 WDA90
Capacity 6 L 9 L
Fire Rating 13A 34A 21A
Working pressure(bar) 12 12
Cylinder Structure Deep-drawn Deep-drawn
Discharge Time 30s 65s
Temperature range(℃ ) +5℃ ~60 ℃
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