EN3 Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher

EN3 Portable foam fire extinguishers are ideal for multi-risk situations where class A and B fires typically involving flammable materials such as oils, paints and grease. Foam extinguishers are not intended for use on live electrical equipment. All of our models have a spray nozzle which produces an effective spread of foam that can be easily controlled by an untrained user. They are typically supplied with a bracket that can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall or placed on a fire extinguisher floor stand. We produce 6L and 9L canisters with 3% AFFF agent.

Product Code FDA60/SFRA60/FDC60 FDA90/FDC90
Capacity 6 L 9 L
Fire Rating 27A /183B 21A/183B 34A /233B 21A/233B
Working pressure(bar) 12 12
Cylinder Structure Rolling-welded Deep-drawn
Discharge Time 22 s 30 s
Temperature range(℃) +5℃ ~60℃
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