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Service & Support

In order to best serve the needs of our users we do all that we can go provide excellent service and reliable products.

First, we start with our product quality commitment:

1. Firefighting products are manufactured and tested in line with national standards and international standards and come with test reports.

2. Our professional staff performs all testing in house with specialized equipment and personal experience to ensure a high level of quality.

3. All of our fire equipment is warrantied for a certain period of time.

Secondly, we have our delivery commitment:

We ensure that all of our products are delivered in a timely manner based on the agreed upon shipping details.

Third, we agree to provide exchanges or repairs on newly delivered products within 30 days of receiving in case of any damage or problems.

Fourth, during the warranty period, if the product works improperly, we will replace the item with an identical model without defect, free of charge. Outside of the warranty period, we provide equipment replacement parts and charge only for the cost of repairs.

The fifth aspect of our service and support system for all of our fire suppression products is our sales support and training:

1. We provide a full set of instruction and related information for each of our products and we offer free technical training.

2. After the sale, we check in to get feedback from our clients in case they have any questions. We can be reached at and we will respond to all inquiries within 12 hours.

3. Customers can choose site inspections as well as third-party testing services like TUV, BV, SGS or CCIC.